Types of beds 2023

Are you confused which bed types you will bought ?

In this article we will point out few types of in the market

Platform Bed

platform bed

History tells that first man probably slept on ground so they were not safe from small animals and its cold and hard surface so they were created a bed with branches and leaves that can provide more comfort sleeping place and they are safer from small animals ,thats how basic platform bed was made

Simple definition of a platform bed is a bed which uses only a mattress

The reason why platform bed was made is so simple ,people just want to raising their place to sleep higher than ground so they are safe from crawling animals such a spider.

Platform bed can support a mattress without a box spring , it shapes usually horizontal rectangular and made by solid wood. SEE MY POST about How To Choose Best Mattress For Side Sleepers HERE  or my Tuft And Needle Mattress Review

Bunk Bed

bunk bed

Bunk bed is a bed which a bed frame stacked with another bed frame on top of it so bunk bed mean bed frame that stacked with another bed frame.

Much people chose bunk bed type because it save a lot of space ,this bunk bed type usually chosen if there are 2 or more people in small room ( imagine jail ).

Ordinary bunk bed design are pretty standard they usually have 4 pillars to support the upper bed and a safety rails (that will make user to not fall to the floor while sleeping) the design usually put 2 to 4 drawers under the bed and add few extra drawers in ladder that make it even more sturdy.

Loft Bed

loft bed

Loft bed is almost same with bunk bed the different is loft bed has no lower bed frame instead it give space for something else like computer table or something like that.

Trundle Bed

trundle bed

Trundle bed is double or pair of bed that one of it put beneath of others.

In trundle bed you have a 2 bed but you only need place for one bed the other bed is hidden in beneath that can be pull to let the other bed out ,trundle bed are not famous as a bunk bed but it is more efficient and flexible than bunk bed because if you are not using the second bed in beneath you can put the bed out and use it for more extra storage.

Poster Bed

poster bed

Poster bed is a simple bed frame that have a four pillars on every corners like others bed frame but the difference is poster bed pillars are very tall .This poster bed usually made by wood because its sturdiness but now there are much Poster bed made by metal.

Most people buy poster bed because the style not as a place saver so put storage drawers can ruin the style.

If you are looking article about mattress topper and memory foam, see my post here to know how to choose the best mattress topper or here to know the best memory foam mattress topper or click here to know about memory foam.

Canopy bed

canopy bed

Canopy bed is almost same like poster bed the difference is canopy has a roof or canopy but it can be discarded so there are only posts left so it means canopy can be a poster too .In previous time people usually put a silk or some cloth to protect them from insects even if now people put some silk or something its not for insects anymore but it more to style.

Rollaway Bed

Rollaway Bed

Rollaway bed are just like its name what this bed can do is to roll away this bed type can be folded when you dont use it to save place ,you can move it to under your bed or other small places ( you dont have to lift it because this rollaway bed have a wheel to make it easy to move).

This rollaway bed are famous in apartment owner because this rollaway bed are not heavy as another bed type so its easy to move but because this bed have a simple design but much people dont like it moreover if they have a big room they will use another great design bed type.

Usually rollaway bed frame made by metal and have a spring platform and the mattress size are full or twin.Rollaway bed is made to save place by its flexible design not by saving things in it ,so you will not find rollaway bed with drawer storage.

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh bed is almost same with another common bed frame like platform bed what makes it different is sleigh bed have a same style curved headboard and its foot ,this sleigh bed type usually made by wood but today the designer also made sleigh bed from various materials such as iron ,aluminum.

Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed

The name tell you everything ,sofa bed is a sofa that can change to bed.

Sofa bed is great choice if you are always sleeping in your living room or if your friend often come by and sleep in front of tv ,sofa bed is famous because its flexibility it can be a sofa and it can be a bed and dont forget about the storage too.

So which one is your favorite bed type ?

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