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pillow types

There are many nowadays and all of them give different purpose even one type of pillow can help acid reflux symptoms. In this article i will explain types of pillow and it’s function.

There are two categories of pillow It’s a bed pillow and decorative pillow, bed pillow have much subcategories so i list them here.

Bed Pillow Types

Bed pillow mean is as simple as it sound, This pillow are use in bed (for sleeping or another purpose) here is the list of bed pillow types :

BODY PILLOWS Continue reading

Side sleeper pro pillow reviews 2023

You may not really familiar when you heard , but if you have difficulties in sleeping, you may need this one. Do you know that our sleeping posture can affect our health and stamina? In fact, a good sleeping posture is of the essence.

There are some health problems associated with a bad sleeping posture. Due to this fact, knowing how to improve our sleeping posture is very critical.

There are some solutions available for those wanting to change their sleeping posture to a better one. From identifying our best position to finding the right pillow. Continue reading