How To Choose The Best CPAP Chin Strap For Sleep Apnea 2023

sleep with open mouth

While breathing through the nose is considered the healthier way to sleep, many people who suffer from sleep apnea tend to be mouth-breathers, this can be due to habit, congestion or due to their jaw structure.
If you’re congested on a regular basis, you should make an appointment to see a sleep specialist to find out if you need to begin using a chin strap.

CPAP chin strap is intended to use by patients who wear a CPAP mask during their treatment sessions, but experience jaw drops during the night.
The CPAP chin strap work by keeping the patient’s mouth closed during CPAP use, which will help to prevent a sore throat and make they wake up. A chin strap will also contribute to preventing air from escaping through the patient’s open mouth.


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These apnea straps are used in conjunction with a CPAP machine, to treat respiratory issues or sleep apnea.These machines will administer a constant level of air pressure to prevent a patient’s airways from closing.
These devices will help the user to breathe regularly and easier during sleep. The primary duty of the chin strap is to keep the user’s mouth closed, which will prevent airflow through the mouth. While a CPAP device can use for a variety of medical conditions, they are primarily used to treat apnea.

Apnea is the medical condition that involves the airway narrowing or closing during sleep, once the muscles have relaxed. This type of airway restriction will cause a patient to receive an insufficient amount of oxygen, lack of energy, fatigue during the day, chronic headaches and snoring is also a frequent apnea symptom.

CPAP therapy is one of the most successful treatments for apnea, and it can have more satisfactory results when used with a CPAP chin strap. Many people who suffer from apnea find that their mouths are open during sleep, which interferes with the effectiveness of the therapy. The CPAP device relies on a type of closed system to create the air pressure in the windpipe, which is how the airway is kept open.

Air leaking from the mouth will prevent the machine from working adequately, because of the air that enters the nose leaving through the mouth before reaching the user’s windpipe.

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How To Choose CPAP Chin Strap


The CPAP chin strap is low in cost and can be found in pharmacies and online or in-store medical supply retailers. These straps come in a few different styles but will work by strapping around the users head and lower jaw. The straps are made from a durable fabric and attach with Velcro.

There is no thousands of cpap chin strap available on the market, but it’s still complicated to choose the best one for you, I will give you few guideline to choose one so you won’t likely waste your money on something you won’t use.

Here is the list you must think when buying cpap chin strap :

  • Comfort and effectiveness
  • Do not slip and stay in place
  • Elasticity last long

Choose strap that does not pull your jaw backward, usually chin strap with chin pocket will pull your jaw backward . Instead, choose cpap chin strap that pulls your jaw upward (natural position)

  • Comfort and effectiveness

First things to consider before buying cpap chin strap is its effectiveness and comfort. There are many chin strap that comfort but don’t effective to close your mouth during night, many chin strap that effective but don’t give comfort and people tend to put off the mask while they sleep.

Unfortunately so much cpap chin strap seller doesn’t give details what material they use to make their product, The only one clear detail of their product is only the picture itself

  • Do not slip and stay in place

Usually, wider chin strap will be better to stay in your head, but the design of chin strap itself can make a big difference whether it stays in your head or will slip while you sleep.

And make sure to fit it right in your head, if it too loose it will lose its effectiveness and if it’s too tight it will not be comfortable (Adjustable strap will help a lot).

  • Elasticity last long

Who wants to waste their money on chin strap that will lose it’s elasticity in a month? I guess no one wants that. Good cpap chin strap will last longer than 6 months.

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Reason To Buy CPAP Chin Strap


One big reason why people buy cpap chin strap is they breathe through their mouth while doing cpap therapy (that’s called mouth breathing symptoms).
That’s ok if they breathe through their mouth while doing cpap therapy when they use any mask other than nasal, nasal pillow, and nasal mask, If they use these masks their therapy will not be effective.

Some of the common symptoms of mouth breathing include continued increased or excessive fatigue during the day, sore throat, headaches and dry nose.

Many people who use PAP therapy are unaware that they sleep with their mouth open and most will need to rely on the reports of their bed partner. If you breathe trough your mouth, you will likely experience this.

  • Sore / Dry throat or mouth
  • Dry nose
  • Fatigue during the day
  • Headaches

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Best CPAP Chin Strap

Here is the best list of chin strap for cpap mask user in market

  • Premium Chin Strap With Extra Support Straps

Premium Chin Strap With Extra Support Straps

This is a simple but effective chin strap to use with cpap, this chin strap length is 27.5 inch and will stretch about 40 inches long. With that length, this chin strap can fit almost anyone.

This cpap chin strap is made from quality material, so you can expect it will last longer even some customer reported that this product can last for 1 year for them.

The design is simple yet effective and with a wide design, this chinstrap will make less pressure to your face so you won’t experience a rash on your face in the morning.

you get extra straps to use with the main strap to keep main chin strap sliding off (if necessary)

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  • SP Medical Super Deluxe Cpap Chin Strap Extra large

SP Medical Super Deluxe Cpap Chin Strap Extra large
The length of this product is 23.5 inch and can only stretch a bit, and the width is 3 inch this strap is small if compared to regular chin strap size, With 3  inch wide it will spread pressure to your face so that you won’t get a rash on your face in the morning.

It’s made from blended cotton and spandex thus make it comfortable to wear. You won’t likely put it off because get heated in the middle of night.

The length of this strap made some people turn off from buying this chin strap even when this strap is effective, but if you have a small head this chin strap is worth buying.

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