Common cpap mask issues and how to fix it

In this article i will explain common cpap mask users problem and how to fix that issues, some issue you had might be easy to fix.
This article not only useful for cpap mask user but for people who consider using cpap mask too, so they can avoid this problem.

And here is the list of Common cpap mask issues and how to fix it:



Marks or rash on face

marks or rash on faceThis problem is from cpap mask (click here to see my review about resmed airfit p10 that are suitable for side sleepers) that makes your skin allergy or irritations that’s why it will leave red marks on your face. If you got much rush or marks on your face after you use your cpap mask in the night that’s mean there are something wrong with the mask.

Common cause for rash on your face is your cpap mask is dirty (if it’s very dirty your cpap mask will turning to yellow) and thats make your skin get irritated. The way to fix that is to clean your mask regularly

Choose carefully cleaning products for your cpap mask and always see manufacturer message about cleaning the products


  • Clean your Cpap mask

Cleaning your Cpap mask is very important thing to do regulary because it will makes your mask always clean and free from bacteries that can cause skin irritation.

You might be thinking it’s hard to clean your cpap mask, fortunately you are wrong because cleaning cpap mask is easy. With only soap (not with added scents) and warm water it will clean your mask. (Do not use alcohol, bleach, vinegar because these materials will make your cpap mask dry).

After you finish washed your mask, you will need to dry it. When you drying it do not put it in direct sunlight.

  • Use cleaning wipes or cpap cleaning machine

If you don’t want to wash your mask everyday you can use cleaning wipes or cpap mask cleaning machine.



Cpap mask for beards or mustache

cpap mask for beard or mustacheChoosing cpap mask for beard people is tough, in one side you need cpap and in another side you don’t want to shave your beard, If you have mustache or beard you will likely experience cpap mask leakage.

The most  mask need a direct contact with skin to seal perfectly, so try to trim your mustache or beard to decrease it’s thickness and If these tips didn’t work you can shave your beard. But there are few cpap mask which make less to no direct contact with your skin and that is the best cpap mask for beard and mustache


  • Use the Best CPAP mask types for Mustaches and Beard. If you have mustache and beard use Nasal Pillow CPAP mask. The reason it’s work is because nasal Pillow mask make direct contact with your nostril so it’s have less contact with your beard or mustache.

But if you have thick mustache you may feel bit uncomfortable with it so try to trim your mustache if you feel uncomfortable.



Cpap mask leakage

Cpap mask leakageThis is common problem that cpap mask user have, whether it leak at nose, eyes or even slipping.

  • Use right mask size

If the mask didn’t fit to your face properly it might be cause irritation to your skin face. If it too tight it will cause redness because the mask will block some blood pressure in your face.

But if it too loose the air will be leaked from your mask so there are no point using mask and the mask will rub your skin that can cause irritation.

Be sure to play with your cpap mask strap to adjust the mask to fit to your face.

  • Clean your face before go to sleep

After do your activities all day long your face must be oily and dirty. If you are not clean your face before sleep your CPAP mask can’t get enough grip on your skin and will start sliding and leaking.

To prevent that happen you must clean your face before using cpap mask and sleep



Cpap mask condensation

Cpap mask condensationYou might be surprised that when you wake up there are water spots in your mask
That’s what people called cpap mask condensation. Simple definition of condensation is gas that transform to liquid, that change is caused by a change in temperature and pressure, and that happen at your mask in your room.


  • Insulate your CPAP hose

You can effectively prevent condensation in your mask by insulating your CPAP mask hose.
There are few ways to do that, first one is you can wrap your cpap hose with your towel and the second way is to hide your CPAP hose with your blanket while you sleep.



Drooling Issues

Drooling Issues cpap maskIf you have drooling issue with your mask then you must keep your mouth closed to stop drooling. Drooling is one of symptoms of a blocked airway for some people that suffer drooling issue oral cpap mask is a good choice for them. It is expected that first few weeks of use the drooling issue will be increased but as few weeks pass the drooling issue will stop.


  • You can use CPAP chin strap to keep your mouth closed or you can use full face cpap mask with chin cup.
  • If you are side sleepers you can try to sleep in your back to prevent drooling issue (you need a good mattress (see how i choose the best mattress for side sleepers here) and pillow that can support your neck and back as good as you sleeping with side sleepers position)



Cpap mask makes you hurt and pain

It can makes you hurt in several place including jaw, neck and face. That’s where people get pain from their cpap mask.
Most people get hurt in their first few weeks to months use of cpap mask, this is because you are not get used to sleep with mask attached on your face while you sleep, so your face movement is limited because of the mask you use, Or even your cpap mask make your head in unnatural sleep position that makes your neck, and face muscle works to hold your face all night.

That’s how your neck and face get sore in the morning


  • You just need to rest your head in pillow and pretending to sleep (that’s how you know your natural sleep position) and after that put your mask on and try to keep to your natural position. But if you can’t do that you can use special pillow for cpap mask user, it’s called contour cpap pillow (see here how you can get the best cpap pillow) you can get it here.

Cpap machine too loud and vibrating

cpap machine too loud and noisyIf you are disturbed by cpap machine noise, you can be asure that you are not alone in this situation. The fact is there are a lot of people who think that their Cpap machine too noisy until it can disturb their sleep.

older cpap machine usually noisy


  • keep away your cpap machine

    one of simplest solution is to keep away your cpap machine so the sounds are not that too loud

  • you might be need a new cpap machine

    If you can’t stand it anymore you can replace your old cpap machine to newer model that have less noise

These are common problem for cpap mask user, if you have one of these problem you can try my tips. hope that help

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