The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 2024

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When determining the ideal mattress for your needs, consider which parts of your body require additional support while you sleep. Understanding your personal comfort preferences is also crucial when selecting the best mattress for side sleeping.

As a side sleeper, opting for a mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm is key. Instead, prioritize a mattress that strikes a balance between support and comfort, ensuring a more comfortable sleep experience in this position.


When it comes to mattresses for side sleepers, the options are plentiful, but selecting the best one requires careful consideration. While numerous brands tout themselves as the ultimate choice for side sleeping, it’s crucial to exercise discernment in your selection.

Bear in mind that your mattress not only impacts the quality of your sleep but also plays a pivotal role in determining whether you enjoy a restful night or wake up with muscle or neck pain. Choosing the wrong mattress can lead to discomfort and disrupt your sleep cycle.

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Knowing about this issue, there is no denying that finding the best one for side sleepers is a critical aspect. Since choosing the wrong one can result in causing discomfort, addressing what issues to consider in the choice of a good bed (see many bed types here) or mattress is your first thing to do before selecting the model or brand.

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How to Choose Mattress for Side Sleepers Step by Step Guidelines

Is it time for you to buy new mattress? (or CLICK HERE if you want to know how to choose the best mattress topper)

The answer to that question is you can buy new mattress, when:

  • You felt pain and tired every time you wake up
  • Your mattress is 10 years or older
  • Your mattress Already feels saggy
  • You prefer to sleep somewhere else
  • You sleep more than 6 hours but still think need to sleep more (mean your sleep quality is bad)

With so many brands, models and types to choose from, it goes without saying that choosing a good one can be quite difficult.

While there are some types of mattress to choose from, knowing the best type is critical, so, check these out!

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If you are looking for new mattresses for side sleepers then Check this list to get the best mattress for you :


The mattress and bed must correct your spinal position (the right one is like you were standing). This is why back, side and stomach sleepers need different type of mattress, because back sleepers can correct their spine with little to no support on the other way side sleepers need softer support. (see my article about how to choose the best cpap pillow for side sleepers)

Not only mattress but you must choose the best pillow for your sleep position too. Unfortunately, there are many pillow types to choose, see my post here that explained a lot about pillow types


Do you know how annoying it is If your sleep partner move and the mattress suddenly weave that’s so ANNOYING.

Most low-end Innerspring mattresses will transfer motion so if your sleep partner move he will make an annoying mattress wave on the other hand high-end Innerspring (pocketed coils) and foam mattresses will transfer less motion.

But if you and your partner prefer different firmness (ex: you like soft and your partner like firm mattress) you may prefer adjustable mattress.

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A warranty show how confident the manufacturers of their mattresses, some will give you 20 years warranty, but beware of their policy (ex: If your mattress have a stain they will reject your warranty, so it is recommended to use mattress or bed protector).

so make sure you read their warranty policy


The crucial things yet almost everyone forget about it, if you have your target mattress you need to check their Thickness and dimension and ask this question to yourself can this mattress go to your room?


If you are sleeping alone, it is advisable to choose sizes smaller than queen (double, full or twin) not only you can save huge money but a lot of space too. If you sleep with your partner, you can choose queen or king mattress.


This article is talking about how to choose the best bed mattress for side sleepers, so the best mattress firmness for them is medium to soft.

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This is general tips if you want to buy bed / mattress in store yet do many people afraid to do it, If you are serious to make a purchase then do not afraid to make an offer. they should the one who afraid if you walk out the store with an empty hand.


  • it is advisable to buy a new box spring for a new Innerspring bed/mattress
  • Check out if they can dispose your old mattress (most sellers offer free disposal)
  • Always check out your new mattress (is it have a stain or any defect)
  • Choose the Right Mattress type (think about your sleep position)

Studies have shown that the best type of mattresses for side sleepers are and latex mattresses. There are some reasons why we must choose this one over other types of mattress. They are specifically designed to relieve pressure points.

They are also softer thus, you can sleep comfortably. Another reason is they can provide adequate support for your body when sleeping.

The same thing goes with the latex mattress since it supports a natural curve for your body when you lay down on the bed. As for memory foam, it is specifically designed to cradle each point of the body and distribute the pressure and weight evenly.

What Type of Mattress You Should Avoid

There are also some types of mattress that should be avoided for people who side sleeping. What are they? Some types of mattress that you must avoid if you sleep on your side are spring, water, and air mattresses. The reason you must avoid them is because they dont provide the required support that you as a side sleeper need.

what is the best memory foam mattress topper?

In a nutshell, any mattresses that provide too much stiffness to the body or contort the body will cause you to have stiff muscles, a restless night sleep, and back and joint pain.

Spring mattresses should be avoided at all cost since they can cause uncomfortable support as they wont hold the body evenly and dont support the lumbar region. The same thing goes with the traditional waterbeds; they also dont provide the proper support for the body as they dont distribute weight evenly.

Given this fact, when you buy a mattress, make sure that you avoid these types. Air, traditional waterbed, and spring mattresses are not suitable for side sleepers.


There are two major aspects that side sleepers should consider when shopping for mattresses or beds. These aspects are comfort and support. Speaking about comfort, it is very critical since it has something to do with the vulnerability of pressure points.

Comfort layer is placed on top of a mattress it’s function is to form to your body and distribute your body weight, so your body get pressure relieve.

If you lay on a flat surface than you only have few pressure points (for side sleeper it’s hips and shoulder) but if you lay down on a surface that conforms to your body, your pressure relieve will be spread.
But when you change your sleep position the pressure points will not be spread anymore because the floor will not conform to your body.

comfort: latex, memory foam, polyfoam, micro coils

support: Innerspring, Latex, Memory foam, polyfoam, airbed, waterbed,

However, like it or not, support plays the most important role since it provides enough firmness when user sleep and lay down.

For side sleepers, they must know that a side sleeper mattress that works well for most people may not work for them. The reason can be simple, for example, a firm mattress is not a right choice for side sleepers. Although it provides adequate support, a firm mattress is more suitable for back sleepers.

Should we choose a softer mattress? Well, this is not true either. Side sleepers wont sleep comfortably with mattress that is too soft. If a mattress is too soft, it doesnt provide the proper support for the body. In short, the best mattress that works for side sleepers is a medium soft mattress.

This type of mattress will provide the proper support to pressure points, creating a perfect combination between structure and support with comfort and softness.

Final Thoughts

So, in determining what type of mattress that works best for you is to check what parts of the body that need more support when you sleep. Also, knowing your personal comfort preference is also important when choosing the best side sleeper mattress.

In this case, since you are a side sleeper, choosing a mattress that is too soft or too firm is not a right choice. What you need is a mattress that combines the right amount of support and comfort, making you more comfortable when sleeping in this position.

Once you have known these aspects, it would help you a lot and give you the right amount of information needed when shopping for a mattress. Keep in mind that you can find memory foam mattresses at any price range thus you dont need to worry if you are on the budget.

You can find one that fits your budget without compromising on the comfort and support level you need. Last but not least, it is not that difficult to find without breaking the bank