Best Cpap Masks for Side Sleepers 2024

Are you interested in learning how to choose the best CPAP Masks for side sleepers? It’s undeniable that finding the right mask is crucial for effective CPAP therapy. While traditional CPAP masks may not be the most user-friendly, it’s essential to find one that suits your needs.

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Given the abundance of options on the market, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the choices. So, how do you find the perfect mask for side sleepers?

Fortunately, there are some helpful tips to simplify the process and ensure you find the ideal mask without wasting time and money. Below, we’ll outline key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for CPAP masks, considering various brands, models, and price ranges.

Best Cpap Masks For side Sleepers

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Choose The Right Types for Side Sleepers

There are hundreds of cpap mask there are available to buy from internet it must be overwhelming for you to pick one from hundreds.

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You might be ask your friend who have sleep apnea problem ” what is the most comfortable cpap mask ? ” and after you try it it doesn’t close as you were thinking (make you sleep well and comfortable using it ), the problem is if it works with them doesn’t mean it will work for you

In this article we will help you shorting out types of the mask and you can choose which one is perfect for you, here is the 7 types :

  • Full face
  • Hybrid
  • Nasal
  • Nasal Pillow
  • Nasal Prong
  • Oral
  • Total Face

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full face cpap mask

This mask designed to cover and seal your mouth and nose in a triangle shape and it is hold by 4 points in the headgear. This mask usually used by people who breathe through their mouth while they are sleeping and usually these people had try nasal mask with chin strap but it doesn’t work for them.

This mask seal better to your face than any other masks but some people find it uncomfortable because it block your vision and have bulk and heavy shape.

If you usually watch television before you sleep, you better not chose this mask because you will be disappointed.


hybrid cpap mask

It seem the scientist (or whoever made this) hear people complains in full face mask and try to made a new mask that doesn’t block user vision and way less bulky.

And it’s born, Hybrid mask is crossbreeding of Full face mask and oral mask it has all great Full face mask function (cover your nose and mouth, seal you perfectly,etc) without have bulk shape, it’s shape like oral mask the only difference it cover your nostril too.

it design is way less bulky then full face mask ( because it design like oral mask) and it has clear field of view ( since this mask don’t have support in forehead).


nasal cpap mask

Nasal mask is the simplest mask type in it’s family, this mask gain it’s popularity because have simple design, comfortable and easy to use.

This mask shape like a triangle placed in your nose but it doesn’t cover your mouth, that is why some user use this mask along with chin strap to make sure they are not breathe through their mouth ( because when they use their mouth to breathe they still get the Sleep apnea problem).

It simple design makes this mask more comfortable than full face mask and doesn’t block your field of vision but this mask doesn’t seal as good as full face mask so it may be slip while you sleep.


nasal Pillow CPAP mask

Nasal pillow is evolution of nasal mask if nasal mask cover the entire nose this mask only cover your nostrils, it cover your nostrils with soft pillow (that’s why they named it nasal pillow)

Though the pillow are soft some user reported these pillow irritating their nostrils. This mask has growing fans just because it has most simple shape. When user use it they feel like they are not using any mask and get over their sleep apnea

This mask usually held by headgear but some mask have ear loop design, even though this mask have simplest design this mask can stand from big airflow pressure from cpap machines but this mask doesn’t have the best seal, if you move around a lot while you sleep this mask may move around d from your nostrils.

Almost every mask of this type gives you all size fit.

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nasal prong cpap mask

Here is another evolution of nasal mask type. Introducing you nasal prong mask this mask almost same as nasal pillow mask the only different is this mask going deeper to your nostril

Some people reported that their nostrils got irritated after they use it


oral cpap mask

Different from another masks oral mask deliver oxygen through your mouth, it’s outer design use an oval cushion and the inner design there are some buffer to help your mouth open (and breathe through it) and to keep mask in the place


total face cpap mask

You can imagine by it’s name, this mask seal around your entire face (nose, mouth, etc) with a large oval mask, this mask held by 4 points headgear in the cheek and head.

If you have tried other mask types and it doesn’t work for you than total face mask is the last mask you will need.

Determine Your Budget

consider your budget

First things first, determining your budget first is very critical as it will help you to narrow down your choice. By determining your budget first, the next list such as determining the model or model would be a lot easier. If budget is not an issue you may ignore this tips

Are you sleeping with open mouth and breath through it

sleep with open mouth

Ask your roommates “is my mouth open while i am sleeping and did i breath through it?” if you do then it’s recommended to get Full Face mask, because it can cover your mouth and nose too. Or if you don’t like the bulky design you can wear a chin strap along with others mask (that chin strap can make your mouth closed while you are sleeping)[See my post about How  To Choose The Best CPAP Chin Strap For Sleep Apnea].

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The Masks Should Keep Seal You All Night

If you often moves while you are sleeping than you must chose mask that can maintain the seal even if you moves a lot while you are sleeping and If you have facial hair (mustache or beard) it will be hard to chose the mask that can maintain seal while you are sleeping

It’s hard to find the right size

Hard to find the right size

One size for mask will be different for another mask, a small mask might be in medium size in another. So to find the right size mask for your face can be challenging moreover if you have special shape face ( wider than average face , very narrow chin, big nose, etc).

Watch Your CPAP Machine pressure

watch your cpap machine pressure

If your machine setting at 14 pressure or higher than you might get problem with Nassal Pillow mask and Nasal Pong mask

A lot of Happy Customers

happy customers

Once you have determined your budget, there are also other aspects you need to consider.

You may considering to choose mask that have a lot of good review, that mean it really works for them and it might be for you

Consider Size, Fit, and Comfort First Before anything

Consider Size, Fit, and Comfort First Before anything

There are three main important aspects you need to consider when shopping for the best CPAP mask for side sleeper.

These main aspects are size, fit, and comfort. In fact, a mask that doesnt fit well wont feel comfortable to you. So take some time to find a suitable one by considering these three aspects.

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Consider Some Health Issues

health issue

There is also another important consideration you need to make when choosing a CPAP mask. For example, if there are some areas of your face that can be easily irritated, make sure that you tell them.

Another example is if you have facial hair, it is important to choose one that works best for uneven area thus it wont leak easily.

Do You Really Need A Vision ?


Chances are that you want to use a the mask while doing other activities such as watching TV, reading or even wearing glasses, in such situation, it is important to find a a mask that do not block your field of vision.

But if you don’t need it you may not consider this tips

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Final Thoughts

Once you have known some aspects to consider when searching for a CPAP mask, it will help you a lot when shopping for it with so many choices to consider. Since a CPAP mask is intended to help you get better sleep, choosing a wrong one can be quite fatal.

  • For example, a wrong one may cause facial irritation such as bruises, spots, and sores.
  • Leaking air can also make the mask become ineffective.
  • A wrong one wont feel comfortable too thus you need to take some time in choosing a the right one.

If you have known these aspects, last but not least, make sure that the CPAP mask you want to buy come with replaceable cushion parts. These are some important tips

Notes :

  • Some masks design give you a headgear quick clips that can help you to wear or put off the mask easily without need to readjust the sizing
  • Most Nasal Pillow mask included all size fit.
  • Make sure you see the option to return insurance on the site