How to choose the Best cpap pillow for side sleepers 2022

Hi there in this article i will write guideline about How to choose the Best cpap pillow for side sleepers ,You might be confused to choose one because there are many types and almost all all of them is designed for side sleepers.

You don’t need it, if your mask never leaks when you sleep. However, when it always leaks while you sleep, then you may consider it. If you keep using your standard pillow, it’s possible for your head to tilt back and it will cause ear ache (if you are not using cpap mask and are side sleepers you can see my review about Side sleeper pro pillow here).

After you finish read this article i hope you can narrow down your choice and pick one of the best pillow for you.

What is it

cpap pillow

If you are back and side sleepers and using cpap mask for your sleep you must know how hard it is to keep your mask sealed all night because your pillow keep trying to leak your mask.

After you finally have a good spot for your mask you realized that you find it uncomfortable for you, so when you wake up in morning you feel neck (Best Pillow For Side Sleepers With Neck Pain), back or shoulder pain because that position doesn’t make your head in proper position.

That is common problem to you among others cpap mask user who side sleepers too. That is why pillow inventor make special pillow for CPAP mask users (especially for stomach and side sleepers), but there are pillow that suitable for both cpap mask users and regular sleeper who are not using cpap mask.

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Who need it

sleep position

If you comfortable using your current pillow with cpap mask then you don’t need it (see more info about types of pillow here).

But if you suffer mask leaks all the night because of pillow press your CPAP mask ( stomach and side sleepers tend to have this problem) you sure need this special pillow (and if you feeling hot, and getting allergy from your current pillow you can get these feature too with it).


Contour Shape

cpap contour shape pillow

First type is Contour shape pillow, it’s shape like wave which can correct your spine if you are back and side sleepers, usually this pillow only designed for CPAP mask user. That special shape help keep mask touching the mattress

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Common Shape

buckwheat as cpap pillow

Another shape for it is actually has same design as common pillow, what’s makes them different only the filling (buckwheat).


Generally this pillow type is made from memory foam and buckwheat or mix of them. The reason why Inventor make the pillow material from memory foam and buckwheat pillow is because these materials can properly support CPAP mask user’s head but still give comfort to them.(see more info about pillow filling materials here)

Each of materials have their own benefits

Memory foam

memory foam

Memory foam is foam material which gain it’s popularity few years ago, it known because it can mold to your body shape and won’t give pressure to your body but user still feel soft about it. Bad thing about memory foam is it can get hot at night.


buckwheat as cpap pillow

Buckwheat pillow have been used by Asian hundreds years ago, buckwheat pillow are filled with hulls of a rhubarb family fruit but before used these hulls are roasted first to remove dusk.

Buckwheat pillow filling is natural and it can shaped to your need (whatever your sleeping style it can match you up), so it won’t pressure your neck thus you can sure that you won’t feel any pain(shoulder, back, and neck pain) in morning.

The pillow also cool because it can provide air circulation among the hulls, one of the best thing about buckwheat is it’s hypoallergenic and bugs free naturally. But some people find it too noisy and stiff.

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Mixed Memory Foam and Buckwheat

This type of pillow was made because some people complain about buckwheat pillow was too stiff, so they made a new model that mix buckwheat and shredded memory foam to add more soft feeling


CPAP mask side sleepers users need tall edge pillow to prevent hose mask touch mattress, that is where common pillow fail. One of the most important thing for CPAP pillow is your spine alignment in correct position. There are 2 size types for it, fixed and adjustable size :

Fixed size

cpap contour shape pillow

Fixed size pillow is pillow which designed special for CPAP users because they knew it’s hard to keep CPAP mask sealed all the night. The most common design is almost same as common pillow but there are 3 half round holes on the edge (to prevent CPAP mask touch the pillow).

For this type common filling material is memory foam pillow which is makes sense because memory foam pillow give good support while maintain it’s softness (with proper depth).

Adjustable size

buckwheat as cpap pillow

Adjustable pillow can be adjusted by shape and filling to match your sleep position. For example if you want side sleep position while using cpap mask just move the filling to one side or make a hole on a place by hitting it’s filling and if you feel the pillow is too stiff you can take out the filling.

Short word this type of pillow is so flexible to conform to your need

This type of pillow usually filled by buckwheat or mixed of buckwheat and shredded memory foam, while CPAP mask users reported it works for them this type of pillow still good to use for non CPAP mask user too.

Warranty and support

warranty and support

Some pillow offer 5 years warranty and the longest warranty i know for a pillow is 10 years

Firmness level

firmness level

For Firmness level it’s personal prefer actually, for me (as a back and side sleepers) i like medium firm pillow

Fortunately most of them provide medium to medium firm level firmness because the pillow must hold it shape to prevent pillow press CPAP mask thus it can get leak. To prevent leakage pillow must be high enough to keep mask touch mattress.

5 inch pillow height is good to keep your mask hose touch mattress but you must feel comfort too if 5 inch doesn’t comfort you you can lower it to 4 inch.

Recommended Product


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This pillow is good example of one of the best cpap pillow out there, this pillow can adjust to any shape that you like. The filling is mixed from shredded memory foam and buckwheat hulls.