best mattress for a 3 year old | how to choose & my recommendation 2021

At the fragile age of 3 years, children spend about 10 to 12 hours per day. In 3-year-old children, they can not do much; things they can do mostly revolve around eating or sleeping. The time they spend sleeping in a day can reach 12 hours. This means that almost half of the day they do is sleep; therefore, the bed used must have a good standard so that they can get the energy needed when they wake up later.

Not only for adults, but the problem of sleep deprivation can also be experienced by young children, and this problem can have serious consequences, especially in children under 3 years, they must get enough sleep to be able to grow and develop ideally. So getting the right mattress is a mandatory investment.

In childhood, children are in a period of growth, both mentally and physically. As has been said before that the problem of sleep time is an important issue, also coupled with the quality of sleep is also an important thing. Next, we make a list of what matters to consider when you want to buy a new mattress for children under 3 years.

  • Size
  • Durability
  • Breathability
  • Health Issue
  • Level of firmness

The size commonly used for children aged 3 years and under is the size of a single mattress. As you know, their body size is tiny, so they don’t need a big bed.
Single beds and mattresses also need a little space in your child’s bedroom, so the remaining space can be used for other furniture, such as cabinets, toys, etc. Although there are actually children who are more comfortable to sleep in a bed larger than a single size, you can buy a size larger than a single size if the size of the room is sufficient.

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Even though a larger bed size does not guarantee a better sleep quality. Most children under the age of 3 actually still fit in cribs, but if your child does not fit, then you have to invest in buying a new mattress.


This might make you surprised because this is the opposite of what people think, actually, the mattress used by children will be more easily damaged than the mattress used by adults.
Try to think for a while, mattresses used by adults are only used for sleeping purposes (and a few other things;)) but mattresses used by children in addition to being used for sleep they also jump on their mattresses, sometimes eating there, or even playing jumping on the bed.

But you also don’t need to buy a mattress that lasts very long (unless you are thinking of having more children in the near future), this is because your child will overgrow.

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In the summer at night, the air will feel hotter, and our skin will sweat more so that it will make the sheets we use stick to our skin. This problem is not only experienced by adults but also experienced by children under 3 years old so having a mattress with good air circulation is a must for getting a good sleep experience (of course you don’t want to be disturbed at midnight to find out that your child can’t sleep there is sweat all over his body).

Once again, latex mattresses provide a fairly good level of coolness and breathing. Most models are equipped with small holes that create airways to draw heat from a child’s body. By default, latex mattresses have an open-cell structure, to ensure that the surface stays cool.

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Health Issue

The age of the child when he was a child (especially under 3 years) is a moment of growth that is very important for their future so you must be careful not to give things that can be dangerous for their health especially at this age their immune system is in a state of constant.

In choosing a mattress, it is important for us to know what materials make up the mattress that we will use for years to come, do not let the mattress that we use every day contain chemicals that are harmful to us. Moreover, the mattress that we will choose will be ours give to our children.

The most common problems in a mattress are mold and dust mites. If the fungus grows on the mattress, it will have an impact on children’s health, we also have to clean the mildew, so it does not rise again. And regarding dust mites, it is hazardous because it can cause allergies and will cause long-term problems.

Mattress makers in preventing dust mites and fungus need chemicals, but some mattress makers use harsh chemicals, do not choose a mattress like that, because your child will be contaminated 12 hours a day.


Many images that illustrate that sleeping in the clouds is a pleasure, but this is not true. Sleeping in a very soft place is not very good because it does not provide adequate support for our spine, especially for children, it is hazardous because the poor sleeping position can make them feel comfortable in a lousy spine position, and in the end, they will suffer from abnormal backbone position in their lives.

Therefore investing your money in the right mattress is something that is very necessary. As we have said before, that mattresses used by children will be more easily damaged. One of the reasons is because they do a lot of things on the mattress, for example, is eating, drinking, or even wet.

To prevent this from happening is to buy another layer on the mattress or buy a waterproof cover. Of all mattress materials on the market, children’s mattresses (foam, latex, ….) foam and memory foam materials are the materials most often used for children’s mattresses because the price is quite affordable but provides sufficient support for the spine your child.

However, latex mattresses are increasingly popular, mainly because it is a very durable material, not to mention very elastic. However, the mattress your child uses during the transition between being a baby and switching to a full-time bed, parents are not too interested in durable mattresses such as mattresses made of latex. Conversely, latex is more prevalent in adult mattresses, because this is an investment made for a more extended period.

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