Best Visco Elastic/ Memory foam mattress topper review 2023

Memory Foam mattress toppers is the most popular topper type in market right now, it’s because they are very effective to improve mattress comfort and feel. Moreover it’s available almost in every local store and online, so it is not hard to find them.

There are few mattress topper available on market, it’s :

  • Memory Foam
  • Feather
  • Fiber
  • Latex, and
  • Wool

All of them have good and bad sides, but in this article we will review only Memory Foam mattress topper.

What is it ?

memory foam

Memory foam material is well known because of it’s temperature and weight sensitive, some people called it visco elastic. It’s made from polyurethane foam that mixed with some chemical things.

Topper is a removable bedding that are on top of mattress, it’s used for improve mattress comfort and feel.

So Memory Foam mattress topper is a removable bedding that made from memory foam to improve mattress comfort.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Review

memory foam mattress topper

Like we were said every mattress topper have good and bad sides. Including this type, the bad are :

Initial Odor

memory foam initial odor

Almost everything that made from this material (mattress,topper, pillow, etc) need to air out first before can be used because it has small initial odor, air out time is varied in every thickness. Thicker this material longer times you need to air out.

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Heat Trap

memory foam Heat Trap

This material is heat sensitive but it’s material don’t have good air circulation, so it will getting hot. fortunately now there are technology to prevent heat trap happen (it’s gel memory foam and extra layer below comfort material that has a good air flow design (ex:egg crates) for air circulation)


memory foam is heavy

This matterial especially that have higher density are heavy, so it will need more than one person to move it.

Everything that have bad must have some good, right? so let’s take a look it’s good :

  • Most Popular

Like we said earlier this type is the most popular topper on market, you can find them on your local store or online store (like amazon). It’s available in many different Thickness and density.

  • Improve mattress comfort effectively

If your reason to buy a mattress topper is to improve your mattress comfort than you may consider this topper type because it’s very effective to improve comfort and feel a mattress

beware : some topper product called their topper as “memory foam” the truth is most of their topper made of regular foam.(ex: 1 inch memory foam and 2 inch regular foam) this type of topper usually have lower longevity.

Make sure you read the topper material details before you buy it to prevent you buy that type of that mattress topper

Few Reason to buy Topper

There are few reason why people buy it , one of these reason might be your reason to buy a it too.

  • Makes your old mattress became new

old mattress

Mattress (click here how to choose one) will sagging soon or later and if you sleep on sagging mattress you will feel pain in morning (expecially back and neck pain). If you add mattress topper to your old sagging mattress it will give you a better comfort and feel.

Or should i say you can get a NEW mattress feeling just by adding topper in your old mattress ( life hack heh)

  • Improves mattress comfort or change it’s firmness feel

firmness level

If you think topper can be used only by old mattress then you are completely wrong, mattress topper can be used by new mattress too. If you bought a new mattress but you feel that’s too firm you can add it to make it softer.

note: Mattress topper can longer your mattress age too.

  • Provide deffirent firmness on mattress side

If you and your sleep partner (husband or wife) like different softness of mattress (this happen a lot) but you doesn’t want to buy adjustable firmness bed or sleep on different mattress, you can add mattress topper on half of the bed (see bed types in this article) so your mattress now have different firmness level.

Few Reason NOT to buy Topper

improper size

improper size

A small of group people reported that their mattress topper are not in same sized with their mattress (ex: king size sometimes won’t same in your king mattress).

So make sure you read the size carefully, it will make your bed appearance bad if that happen.

Initial odor

memory foam initial odor

It is not secret that this material have initial odor that sometimes makes you can’t stand in your room, luckily it won’t last long. All you can do just put your mattress in open room and leave it in few days.

It Moved !!!!

Some people reported that their mattress topper moved/slide (that can happened because it is not part of mattress)

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Longevity you should expect

Do not expect your topper live will be same like your mattress. For this material expectation life will be 3-4 years (generally).



For this topper type the guarantee usually 2-5 years. But most people hard to claim their warranty. So do not expect too much from it

Best gel memory foam mattress topper

Beautyrest 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This ComforPedic Loft from Beautyrest are infused with gel so you don’t need to worry if this topper will retain heat at night thanks for the gel technology. Now it have good air circulation.

This warranty is 5 years but don’t expect too much from warranty because only slight people have succeed with their warranty claim, it’s 3 inch thick and 3.2 punds so it’s great for side sleepers.

For queen the size is 59 inches x 79 inches make sure you read the size carefully and ask this question, is it have same size as my mattress (some people reported that their topper size are not exactly same astheir mattress size )

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