How To Choose The Best Mattress Topper 2023

In this article, I will tell you how to choose the best mattress topper for YOU. Starting from topper material to things to consider before pick your new topper, and there is much reason people buy topper, your reason might be written bellow.

When choosing mattress topper, more expensive doesn’t mean better comfort for you. Choose carefully what you really want from topper by selecting it material, Every material has their own good and bad.

After reading this article, I hope you can choose the best mattress topper for you

What is Mattress Topper

Mattress topper is a removable bedding that is on top of a mattress. It’s used to improve mattress comfort and feel. Mattress topper price can vary significantly. It depends on filling material.

Some Mattress topper equipped with straps on the corners to prevent topper moving while you use it.

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Mattress Topper Material

This is the most important part about choosing mattress topper, wrong to choose material will makes you choose wrong mattress topper for you.

Memory Foam

This topper type is the most popular because it’s very effective to improve mattress comfort

Memory foam material is very good to give softness and relieving pressure points and it’s good at motion isolation too.

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Downside of memory foam material whether it’s on mattress or on topper is it often needs to air out first because it’s chemical smell, and this material absorb body heat so if your room don’t have an ac (air conditioner) or have normal temperature it will more likely you will get overheat while you sleep.

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From all mattress material latex is one of the most expensive one. Naturally latex can provide good support and comfort for it’s user, It can be made from natural rubber tree liquid, synthetic material or both of them.

based on it’s material there are 3 type :

  1. Natural latex
  2. Natural and synthetic blended latex
  3. All synthetic latex

Natural latex are made from rubber tree liquid but there are only few mattress product that use all natural latex material (100% latex). The reason is if product made from 100% latex material the softness will be very firm and it will be very expensive (the price will be more than $1300).

There are 2 ways to make latex :

  • Talalay
  • Dunlop



Talalay process is a process to make molded latex foam rubber. Talalay process are divided into 5 part.

  1. latex liquid added into mold
  2. after latex liquid inside the mold then it will be vacuumed to remove all air inside mold
  3. After rubber tree liquid added to molder then it’s must be frozen to make rubber tree liquid cell structure stable
  4. after freezing process carbon dioxide gas added and the mold are heated
  5. after vulcanization process latex then remove from mold and washed to remove any unwanted material


Dunlop process is more simple and economic than talalay one to make latex foam. As we know that latex mattress is have springy feeling but latex mattress that are made by Dunlop process is less bouncy and have denser that talalay process and this process will produce more durable and firm feeling

  1. latex liquid are mixed with gelling agent and added into mold
  2. after that the mold are closed and heated to make a final form
  3. after vulcanization process latex foam are removed from mold and washed in wash station to remove any residuals


Wool is natural material that can make you feel warm in cold weather and keep you cool in hot weather, it’s made from fleece or some people said lamb’s wool

Topper or mattress from wool are bed bugs or mites resistant and it’s naturally fire retardant (you might be already know that every mattress sold in US are must fire retardant, so the mattress producer add chemical things to make things to make their product fire retardant but that’s not good for our health)

If you have allergies you will probably like wool material because it’s made from natural material so it won’t make you allergy and they are very suitable for softening firm mattress

Topper or mattress from wool material are very durable, it can last for decades or even forever if you know how to take care of it. That’s why you need to shaking and add wool filling regularly.

Bad part from wool mattress is it’s pricey among any other materials and some people reported that they smell small sheep odor initially.

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Feather and down


cotton and polyester


Reason to buy mattress topper

Here is few reason why people buy mattress topper


Most people buy mattress topper because their new mattress too firm there are two choice for them buy new softer mattress or buy softer mattress topper obviously much people choose second option

Saving money

Just like what I write above if people get too firm mattress for them one of the best choice is to buy softer mattress topper instead of buying new mattress and if people have old mattress they tend to buy mattress topper to revitalize their mattress


New comfortable mattress is big investment for some people, so they do anything to protect it. That’s mean they buy new topper for their brand new mattress, aside for comfort, mattress topper can act as mattress protector too. It can protect mattress from unwanted stains and not to mention it can longer your mattress

Change half of mattress firmness

If 2 people sleep on same mattress but preference different firmness, one can add mattress topper to change half of mattress firmness and can still sleep together.


Mattress topper disadvantages

Like anything on earth everything that have good part must have bad part, here are some mattress topper disadvantages.

Edge problem

Always check your targeted mattress topper actual size, sofme mattress topper are 1 inch smaller than ordinary mattress size (that’s to make sure bed [My article about Types of bed] sheet will fit both mattress and topper). But that sacrifice the look of your bed and sleeping or sitting on edge is not comfortable.

It moves around

Much people reported that their mattress topper (How to Choose The Best Mattress Topper) is moved, that’s because topper are not part of mattress itself (if you don’t want this happen to you make sure to choose topper with strap)

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Things to consider when buy mattress topper

You might be confused when choosing new mattress topper, if you think you are alone you are wrong. So many people confuse what material to choose, what about the comfort, is this topper make my sleeping hot, and other unsolved questions.
Here are some things to consider when you want to buy mattress topper


This is the most essential part when you want to by new topper, choose wrong material can waste your money. Mattress topper material is same as mattress material (feather & down, memory foam, latex, wool). Every material have it’s own advantage and disadvantage (see my post above). Usually higher topper price doesn’t mean more comfort, support, or durability.

Your purpose

There are some reason why people bought mattress topper, from to soften their too firm mattress because they have neck or back pain ( go to this page to know how to choose pillow for neck pain )or to protect & longer their mattress longevity, or even to revitalize their old mattress. When you want to pick one think this question in your head “is this mattress topper will (your purpose to buy topper)?”
note :

If you have asthma or allergic you must be extra careful when choose bedding, do not choose material that can worse your condition








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