How To Choose The Best Waterbed Mattress

Side sleepers often experience discomfort when they try to get a good night’s rest on a traditional mattress. Their hips sink down too far, which can cause back pain and shoulder problems. If you are one of the many side sleepers out there, then you know how difficult it is to find that perfect balance between comfort and support. Fortunately, waterbed mattresses offer an excellent solution for those who want both!

Waterbeds provide great support because their firmness can be adjusted with water. They also provide plenty of softness because the surface is made from high-quality foam or latex rather than springs like most traditional mattresses. So if you’re looking for something that will give your body what it needs without sacrificing any comfort whatsoever.

When it comes to choosing a waterbed mattress, there are many factors you need to consider. Do you plan on using the bed with or without an air bladder? What type of support do you want from your bed? How often will the water in the tub be changed and cleaned out? The best way to find what kind of waterbed mattress suits your needs is by doing some research online. We hope you can get answer those questions after reading this post.

What Is Waterbed Mattress

Simple explanation of what waterbed is, it is mattress that cover in vinyl that filled with water. Waterbed mattress were really hit at 1980s, people whose have waterbed mattress need to fill their mattress with water using garden hose, but in this era we use a tubes that called “bladders” when we want to fill mattress with water. Some feature that waterbed has is it can have device to control the water temperature.

Types of Waterbeds

Softside Waterbeds

Softside waterbeds are the most popular type of waterbed mattress, it is well known for its affordable price and easy to assemble. This mattress type also provide comfortable outer edge, to hold it’s shape it contain foam bolster (that surround the bed) it can support itself or doesn’t need a frame but it need solid surface to lie on.

Softside waterbed has vinyl cover that wrapped around foam core with a zipper in the middle so you can easily take off or put on new cover when it already get dirty or old.

This type of waterbed is more affordable than hardside waterbed that’s might explain why it’s more popular than hardside waterbed. Another advantage softside waterbed than hardside is regular sized sheet can be used with it unlike hardside waterbed that can only used California sized sheet

Hardside Waterbed

Unlike Softside waterbed that can support itself, Hardside waterbed can’t support itself so it comes with a frame that usually made with softwood or hardwood to maintain it’s shape. The frame will be roughly 10 inches tall and 2 inches thick for 9 inches thick hardside mattress.

This bed more looks like a traditional bed, if you are concern about “looks” more than comfort than you may pick hardside waterbed because it gives more visual in your bedroom. But keep in mind, you only can pick California size Sheet if you pick hardside waterbed.

Waterbed Mattress Water Motion

Waterbed has a built-in water motion that gives buoyancy to any weight and height. The person will feel like they are floating on the water while sleeping in their bed, as if they’re lying down on an ocean.

The water motion in waterbed is the most important thing to consider when you want buy a waterbed mattress. Most of time, we are buying “waterproof” cover for our bed so that it can protect from accident spills or big leak in the middle of night but what about if your waterproof cover cannot stop all movement?

There are 3 types of Water Motion in Waterbed

Free Flow Waterbed has a free water flow, meaning the bed is not attached to anything. When you push down into your mattress it will be like laying on top of an ocean and when you get out from this type of bed, waves come back at once because there’s nothing holding them in place.

A Semi-Waveless Waterbed has some kind of support that locks up the water which means you can’t pull too much water by pushing with all your might or jumping onto it but if someone tries to dump some liquid inside then they’ll have plenty of room for movement while still being able to enjoy their night rest on the semi-waveless waterbed, percentage of semi-waveless mattress are 90%-95%.

Waveless Waterbed has same support (usually made of foam and fibers) inserted into mattress to restricted water movement just like semi-waveless but the percentage of waveless mattress are 95% or more.

Things To Consider When Buying Waterbed

Filling Waterbed Is Not An Easy Task

This must be keep in mind it is not an easy task to install waterbed mattress on your own (for king size it needs around 235 gallons of water), this might be a huge drawback for many people because getting a garden house to your bedroom might be not an easy task and might be end not clean for your bedroom.


If you want to move your mattress to another room you might be need to drain the water first, because full waterbed can get roughly 2000 pounds on a king size, and you need to use your garden house again same as when you filling it.

Cleaning Waterbed Is Easy

For cleaning you only need vinyl cleaner or you can find one that specifically used for waterbed cleaner, you only can clean the cosmetics of the waterbed though. And for Growth prevent you must add a conditioner (it is a boicide/algaecide) when you filling your mattress, it is recommended to add it every 6 month with 4 fluid pounces apart for growth prevention, adding conditioner also keep your waterbed supple.

Vinyl Gauge

Every waterbed mattress has vinyl layer that wrapped in to trapped the water, Always look for thick vinyl gauge if you want to pick waterbed mattress to prevent leakage by accident. It measures by mil = one thousandth inch, you should pick 22 mil or more when choosing waterbed mattress.


Tethering is to keep the waterbed mattress in the right place, without tethering it is hard to keep your waterbed in a stable position.

Foam Density

The density of foam also important when choosing the best waterbed mattress because it affects how long will last and comfort level for sleep. If you want something that can offers stability then choose high-density foam like 16 lb or more while if you need the durability than pick low-density foams with 12 lb less.

Waterbed is Hygienic

A waterbed mattress surface is hygienic because it can’t absorb your sweat or your dead skin cell so it doesn’t attract bed bugs and the water inside the mattress keep it clean, bacteria-free and dust mite-free. But the cover can still collect your skin dead cell and it is advisable that you must washing it regularly

Waterbed Mattress is Comfortable

The best waterbed mattresses offer comfort for both side and back sleepers by providing support to different pressure points like joints and abdomen, but also provide a cooler surface temperature than other types of beds that use air or foam. This type of mattress support body weight evenly without too much pressure on certain spots and joints, limiting numbness or pain

Adjustable Support and Temperature

The waterbed mattress can be adjusted to provide support for the needs of each individual, you can increase or reduce amount of water to adjust the support that suit you and also has a temperature adjustment that limits heat retention, even more expensive waterbed can give you temperature info and you can adjust temperature with push of a button.

It is Not Sagging

Not like other type of mattress that can be sagging overtime, this waterbed mattress can’t be sagging so you don’t have to flip your mattress every period of times

Our Recommendation

California King 95% Waveless Waterbed

This 95% waveless California king waterbed mattress provides gentle support to your spine as you sleep. The design distributes your weight evenly and ensures a comfortable surface for resting. This mattress has a contour mid-body support that can help your spine attain its natural curvature when you sleep.

One of the few waterbed mattresses made in the USA, this mattress is perfect for any type of sleeper. Made from heavy duty vinyl and reinforced at the corners, this mattress also has a 95% waveless design that’s mean if you move there are 3-4 seconds of slow wave motion until the mattress stop moving.

Bad thing about this mattress is lifetime warranty is prorated (older the mattress goes more you have to pay after through free period)

Good thing about this mattress are 95% waveless design gives slow wave motion movements, good for any type of sleeping position and it’s offer free shipping

Buy California King 95% Waveless Waterbed Here

Waveless Waterbed Mattress Boyd Lumbar Supreme

The Boyd waveless waterbed mattress lumbar supreme, like many others waterbed on the market, it is designed to support your weight evenly. It should be supported in a waterbed frame with dimension: 84” x 60” x 9”. This mattress also provide good lumbar support for those with bad backs. They claimed 99% movement reduction with 4-layer system

Good thing about this mattress is it is 99% waveless, 5 year full warranty plus 12 years pro-rated warranty, Include fill kit & 3 (4 oz) bottles of conditioner

Bad thing about this mattress is the vinyl gauge is not stated by producer

Buy Waveless Waterbed Mattress Boyd Lumbar Supreme Here

Buy Waveless Waterbed Mattress Boyd Lumbar Supreme Here


We hope this article will help you find the best waterbed mattress and I am sure that Boyd Lumbar Supreme and California King 95% Waveless Waterbed are good option for your consideration. If it’s not, you can take other options as well to see which one fits your needs the most. But always remember things to consider as i already wrote in this article, Remember that quality always come first before anything else!

If you have any questions or are still unsure of which model is right for you, please feel free to give your question by leaving comment bellow. Do you think a waterbed would work in your bedroom?

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