Tuft and Needle Mattress review 2023

Hi there if you are here you probably heard or know about tuft and needle mattress and in this article we will review their 10 inch mattress , ok here we go.

Note: If you want to choose your prefer mattress you must see my post to know how to choose the best mattress for side sleepers

Tuft and Needle Matress Review

What is tuft and needle

tuft and needle

Tuft and needle is start up company specialized in mattress making, all part of their mattress is made from USA, that is why their mattress is the most affordable mattress in USA because they can cut out middleman ( as you probably know other mattress providers import their mattress from another country and get a lot of middleman in process).

Tuft and needle company was born by 2 friends because of their disappointment to mattress they have bought. At that time they were thinking that the more cost mattress is more comfort they get but the truth is the opposite.


One of them go to mattress store and they get directed to buy memory foam mattress that cost $3,300 . a mattress for that cost will give huge comfort he thought ,but it wasn’t and to make matter worse it can’t be returned.

Long story short they make their own high quality mattress company with affordable price.

What you will get from tuft and needle mattress

tuft and needle mattress

Most people get their mattress fast (average 1 week), the mattress is vacuum packed, rolled and inside a box. For 10 inches queen mattress the weight is 65 pounds

It is recommended to place the mattress on the place you want (box spring, bed base, etc) [CLICK HERE to see my post about bed types] before you open the mattress plastic pack. They said it need 2 – 3 hours for mattress to it’s full form. But if you see their customers review they reported that the mattress need less than one hour to it’s full form (even someone reported it need less than 10 minutes).

Not like other mattress that need time for “air out”, this Tuft and needle 10 inch mattress don’t have any chemical smell, so you can start using it on day one.

If you have neck and back pain this mattress is good for you because it can correct your spine along with balanced firmness and comfort but no mattress can cure your neck pain or back pain in one night (most people feel less neck pain or back pain or others pain after a week and for second week the pain completely gone).

If you have any complaints (the mattress is too soft or too firm or if you wake up with neck or back pain) with the mattress I suggest you to use it for a week because your body need to get used to your new mattress.


warranty and support

They not only give you warranty but they give you trial times too, it’s 100 days trial period (if you don’t like it just send it back and you can get full refund). And 10 years hassle free guarantee ( they made the guarantee as easy possible to claim, if anything happen within 10 years just take a picture and send it to them and they will take the rest)



Not a memory foam nor a latex. For core of their mattress they blend 3 layers of high quality poly foam with 2 lbs mattress density (minimum standard density for foam is 1.8 lbs). With that density the mattress will stay long. And the foam it self has been tested to be safe by CertiPur

To be Exact, they use High Density Polyfoam (which is in the middle quality of polyfoam family) as we may know poly foam is lowest quality of matress material but with HD (High Density) polyfoam you can expect long lasting mattress but still it still behind latex material. That can be huge drawback for some people who looking for long lasting mattress.

Huge drawback for memory foam material is their temperature heat, that is why producer make innovation to get rid of heat (latest technology is they add gel to memory foam material while it’s good for temperature but that’s make mattress firmer) tuft and needle mattress is cooler that latex and memory foam (See my post about “best memory foam mattress topper‘) but still maintain it’s firmness level.


made in USA

From zipper to the foam, all tuft and needle mattress material is made in USA. So you get the first quality mattress.


It’s not memory foam neither a latex but it have both their benefits, it has good pressure relieve even it have bounce back feeling (memory foam doesn’t have it).


This mattress motion isolation is as good as latex material. So if you need to go to bathroom at night you will not disturb your partner.

Who is this mattress for

sleep position

Tuft and needle mattress is not too soft and not too hard, it’s firmness is 6 from scale to 10 so it is perfect for any sleep position especially side sleepers.

For anyone who still confused what mattress you will get you can choose tuft and needle right now, it’s more likely you will happy with your purchase and if any case you didn’t like it you are backed up with 100 days trial and can get refund.

If you want to know how to choose the best mattress topper see my post here


  • 100 days trial (if you don’t like it you can get full refund). If you wondering what they do with refunded mattress, the answer is they will donate it to those who need it. And they will donate one mattress for 100 mattress they sell)
  • Painless 10 years warranty (If anything happen in 10 years to your mattress just take a picture and send it to them and they will replace it)
  • All materials are made in America (you can sure you get the first quality and affordable price by cutting middleman)
  • Great customer service (say good bye to unhelpful customer service, if you see any review about their company they will say the customer service is top notch)


  • They don’t take your old mattress so you need to get rid of it by yourself
  • Made From HD (High Density Polyfoam) which have a reputation for “not so long” lasting material for mattress


Tuft and Needle is start up company that have it benefits if compared to others mattress brands. One of Good things about them is their 100 days trial, if you don’t like the mattress in 100 days you can send it back and get full refund and the mattress will be donated to charity And for every 100 beds they sold they will donate one to children who need it. (what a good guy they are).

Doesn’t like any other mattress producer when they import the mattress from other country, re brand it and take huge mark up. Tuft & needle ten inch mattress material was made in USA with the best deal .they cut the middlemen thus you can get cheaper price with high quality.

The guarantee is not the longest guarantee in mattress industry (20 years) But the customer service is so supportive and really helpful.

Tuft & needle 10 inch mattress is good for any sleep position especially for side sleepers, with it’s firmness level you can get rid of shoulder, neck, and back pain in weeks. Unlike Which can get hot during night with Poly foam material you will get cool night sleep.

Huge drawback for this mattress is it using High Density Polyfoam material, from that material we know for (almost) sure that this won’t lasting as long as latex mattress


If you need cool luxurious mattress with affordable price you can try tuft & needle 10 inch mattress. Don’t worry if you don’t like it you are backed up with 100 days trial and can get full refund


  • If any case you want to return the bed you don’t have to repackage it
  • Mattress cover is not machine washable, so like any other mattress you need a mattress protector to protect it from any dirt or water spill. The mattress protector can prolong any mattress life too. But make sure you choose the one that breathable and moisture resistant.

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