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There are many nowadays and all of them give different purpose even one type of pillow can help acid reflux symptoms. In this article i will explain types of pillow and it’s function.

There are two categories of pillow It’s a bed pillow and decorative pillow, bed pillow have much subcategories so i list them here.

Bed Pillow Types

Bed pillow mean is as simple as it sound, This pillow are use in bed (for sleeping or another purpose) here is the list of bed pillow types :


body pillow

What is body pillow? an easy way to know what body pillow is it have biiig or should i say “oversize” pillow. It’s an Orthopedic pillows so main function of this pillow is to support your full body.

It’s basic design is rectangular/curve shape, this pillow is used by side sleepers mostly. Body pillow common used by pregnant woman too because it’s a lot cheaper than maternity pillow with same function.

Body pillow support every parts of body (head, neck, shoulders, back, lower back, legs and knees) If you use a lot of pillows to support your body, you can throw your pillow away and change them to one body pillow.

Special pillow ONLY for side sleepers: Side sleeper pro pillow


knee and leg positioner pillow

Most people like to sleep on their side but in this position it’s more likely to feel discomforts in the lower back because in this sleeping position your body will bend in to “c” position and it will cause back pain.

Fortunately people created a pillow special to use for knee. Here in US they call it knee pillow (there are much name of this type of pillow in Asia, ex:in Indonesia they call it “guling”).

It’s placed between leg, if you are side sleepers you might realized sometimes you put your hand between your leg and that makes you bend in(your body will be like in a “c” position) and that position will makes a back pain soon or later.

So in simple terms knee pillow is pillow which use between leg or below it.

Knee pillow will keep side sleepers In a straight position while they sleep, back sleepers use it too but they use it under they knees. Purpose of this pillow is same for both back and side sleepers It us to reduce strain in spine especially in lower back.

Lumbar Pillowslumbar pillow

Before explaining what lumbar pillow you must know what lumbar is, lumbar (lower back). Now everything is clear heh.

Lumbar pillow is one of few orthopedic pillow, it’s function is to support lumbar area of spine (lower back), if you have lower back pain you may try this pillow. But like other pillows, to know weather this pillow work or not for you you must use it about a week to a month (trial period)

I’ts design usually a half moon shape and lumbar pillow is reported to relieving lower back pain of it’s users.



Neck pillow is an “u” (not all neck & cervical pillow has an “u” shape, i just want to make a longer article) shaped pillow which used while Sleeper’s sleep in a sit position.

This pillow is not applicable if you use it at home but if you travel a lot you can try this pillow, not only it will keep your neck in right position while you sleep in sit position but neck pillow is a light weight too.

Neck pillow usually made by memory foam material but there are some manufacturers use others foam (ex: poly foam)


bed rest pillow

Bed rest pillow is not like a pillow actually it looks like a sofa but not that heavy and that big. It’s easy to moved if you don’t want to use it

This pillow is great if you want to read book or watching tv or even doing nothing all day long within your , that is why others name for this pillow is reading pillow (even peoples name it “husband” pillow because it’s comfort,support and reliable, same like husband they said)

Bed rest pillow is a big size with a high backed pillow and two “arms” on sides

Many people like it more than “real” backrest

Wedges & Body Positioners

Wedges & Body Positioners pillow

Wedge pillow is a triangle shaped pillow usually with long sides.It can be used by body to make it in diagonal position

It purpose not only to lift sleeper’s upper body or leg but wedge pillow can be use to help acid reflux symptoms and Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).


maternity and pregnancy pillow

You probably know pregnancy is one of the best moments in human life but unfortunately pregnant women will be more sensitive, fragile and moreover her abdomen will grows from time to time, that change will increase pressure on her spine and neck.

Seeing that condition the pillow inventor makes special pillow for pregnant woman, people call it pregnancy pillow or maternity pillow. This pillow type takes huge roll for pregnant women, pregnant women advised to sleep on their side to keep their baby in safe position.

There are two common types of pregnancy/maternity pillow it’s wedge pillow and full body pillow. Wedge Pillow is used under sleepers abdomen to prevent her abdomen takes too much pressure and full body pillow is same as usual body pillow (it support head, neck, shoulders, back, lower back, legs and knees of sleeper’s) the only difference is some of it can be used to breastfeeding baby.

Some women find it so comfortable so they use it throughout their live even when she isn’t pregnant.

So, which pillow is your favorite to sleep on?

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