Best pillow for side sleeper with neck pain

There are a lot of people feel neck pain nowadays, if you are one of them and looking for the cure this post might be help you. In this post i will cover what cause neck pain, tips for prevent neck pain and how to cure it by choosing the best cervical linear traction neck pillow for side sleepers.

neck pain

There are few reason why you have neck pain after you wake up, one clear reason is your spinal is not align preperly while you sleep.

I was sleeping on my mom bed (click HERE to know how to choose the best mattress for side sleepers) with stomach sleep position (i am side sleepers) after i wake up i feel neck and back pain. After think about it for few seconds i realize that my mom mattress is too soft and too thick for stomach sleepers so my spinal alignment is bad, that is the reason why i have back and neck pain after wake up.

You can’t blame only the mattress because your pillow could cause this too.

If you are side sleepers you need a firmer pillow (pillow types) to fill in the distance between the ear and outside of your shoulder (one of the best example is ), if you are back sleepers you actually just need a little support for your neck ( rollover pillow or based pillow can do the job), and if you are stomach sleepers you need a very thin or no pillow at all.

Special Pillow for side sleepers: Side Sleeper Pro

Tips to prevent neck pain

tips to prevent neck pain

There are few tips to prevent neck pain, most of the time it must done while you wake up, here is the tips:

Set your monitor screen at right level

Most poeple nowadays work in front of monitor for a long time, that might be a reason why people have a bad posture. If your sit position isn’t right while you read this then you must correct your sit position right now.

If you need to bent your head/ shoulder forward then you must adjust your monitor until you get the right monitor position.

Drink water: A LOT

if you get hidrated then your spinal can get dry and that’s make your spinal hard or even pain to move. To make your spinal healthy it must be slick that is why you must drink water ( i personally don’t drink 8 glass per day, i never count it anyway. I just drink when i tthirsty and that’s enough for me

Bad posture

Bad posture can lead to back pain. The most common bad posture people had is head and shoulder bend forward, that posture can make your spine strain all of the time.

I know how hard it is to change position you already had for a long time but if you want to get better you must do this, there are few exercise to make your posture became normal again ( see janice novak exercise, it works for a lot of people).


If you want to get rid of your neck pain problem with no work or exercise you may consider new pillow or even mattress that can properly support your spine.

side sleepers spinal-alignment

See above picture to know about side sleepers right spinal alignment. If you sure your pillow is your problem than you can change it right now. And if you are looking for you are in the right place because we are going to pick the best one.

best pillow for side sleeper with neck pain

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